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Another Corsair Defective Product


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Corsair or another company is simply happend nothing u can do man this can be everywhere :)
"Nothing I can do about it" Sorry, but that's not acceptable :nono:. I did somthing about it and I'm getting it replaced. :sunglasse


Yes it can happen with any other company, but I'm only experiencing this ever since I decided to go with Corsair products.

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I can understand the frustration , I have this with the 900D, never had great problems with Corsair cases till I bought my second 900D , I now have the third bad 900D.
Wow sorry to hear that, are you getting that 3rd bad replaced?


This is the response I got back today,


We regret to inform you that your RMA is currently backordered.


The current ETA on our CC-8930202 is September 4th. Please note that this is an estimated date and your replacement

may ship out to you sooner as well as the possibility that it can be delayed further. We apologize for the inconvenience.


now I'm really frustrated :mad: ...what can I do but hope I get it sooner!

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Just be patience, yes , I get a new one from the retailer, but me and the retailer agreed that this new maybe have some faults to, they came from the same batch, so now i wait what Corsair have to say, patience is the thing to do. In the end, Corsair will not let you down. If some parts are not on stock, you have to wait, but most of the time they at your home before you know it.Corsair is a great company, but like every company some things can go wrong with the production/quality control at the factory, shipping the items worldwide, at the retailer, shipping to your home.And if you know that there are thousand and thousand of other people using these cases without any problems, we can say that we're the unlucky ones that just got a bad one, even it's for the first or fourth time.
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