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my second AX1200i blow up ;-(


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Today my second AX1200i blow up in two Weeks use... The first one worked fine for about two weeks then it stopped working after i took a walk with my dog. I didn't know why or what happened and i took it back to my retailer and asked for a new one. The second one came last week, i put it into my system yesterday and it exploded today, round an hour ago while i was surfing the web.


The System run nearly 1 Year in this configuration whit a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 850W psu and is running again fine with the old one. The strange thing, this is the second Ax1200i blowing up? If there was a problem with the cable, like a short, whats really unlikely in my massive 900d case, wouldn't the new AX1200i went off immediately after plugging it on to the old cables? Why did it work for 1,5 days and then blow up (it really did a loud Bang!), why two times :confused: ?


Has anybody a clue what could be the reason for my AXi exodus? If you want more Information ask, i need to take a walk with my dog first to come down! :roll:

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