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330R - Simply cannot remove front bezel to install fan. Getting desperate... Help!


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Please help me, this has taken many frustrating hours and I'm nowhere closer to getting the ruddy front off this new Carbide 330R. I know I need to as it is the only way to be able to install a second 140mm front fan, and the 'instructions' do show it coming away, but offer no clue as to how to achieve it. I have searched the web and I see one mention of a plastic clip, that one must be careful not to break, and some tantalizing photos of the R330 with the front bezel removed, but no hint as to where this clip might be. I saw a post asking about this in a thread on these forums somewhere, but no answer was provided. I note four of what look like screw covers at the top and bottom corner sides of the front bezel. I have tried pressing them moderately whilst pulling tentatively, daren't risk more force breaking things, but no joy. Tried to leaver one up with my nail in case there is a screw underneath, but it didn't seem to want to work like that so I didn't use too much force. Tried dancing round the thing thrice widdershins, naked, whilst singing the praises of the god of IT (Sir Clive Sinclair, of course) but all that did was annoy the neighbours.


Please, mercy, just tell me the correct incantation. This is so hard, I can't quite understand how the hardest part of a PC build can be getting the ruddy case open.


Oh, and I don't mean how to open the front 'door' sound baffle or remove the filter. This I can do. I just cannot go further.


Please, pity my poor intelligence and give me a tip. I shall be checking this thread hourly as I still remain hopeful, and desperate!


Thanks Gurus.

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Ah, finally (after unscrewing the spring clips...) I get it, you do just pull it off. Could have broken those clips by unscrewing them, but not knowing what may be connected I clearly couldn't risk wrenching it. If only the 'instructions' had sought to instruct in some way...
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