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Noisy PSU - Is 430W enough for my PC?


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My PSU gets really noisy at random times, I'm going to assume it's faulty and return it but wanted to check if I should replace it or upgrade to more power. I'm calculating the below to be no more than 300W, and I only use it for general use, internet, torrents etc not gaming or video editing etc.


Corsair Builder Series CX 430

AMD A8 5600K Black Edition CPU (100W?)

MSI A55M-E33 FM2+ Motherboard (75W?)

Samsung 24x DVD

Sandisk 64gb SSD

WD Green 4TB HDD (4W)

WED Caviar Blue 1TB HDD (6W)

PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card

ARTIC Alpine 64 Pro CPU Cooler

2 case fans

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The closer you run the PSU to it's maximum capability, the hotter it's going to get and that's going to cause the fan to spin faster.


I understand buying "close enough" PSUs to save money, but if noise is a concern, it's best to go for "overkill".

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