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Corsair H80i Pump Whine


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I've had this cooler installed since I built my PC around a year ago but the other day I decided to swap the fans that came with the unit for the new SP120 green ones (as it's a green build) and I wanted those as the finishing touch.


I'm starting to wish i hadn't. Since I installed them onto the unit and fixed it back into place the pump emits a high pitch whistling sound. I did stop both fans it see if it was the bearings on one of those but it's definitely the pump.


Any ideas guys? I can still hear the noise now even though my PC has been off for about an hour.

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By me saying I can still hear it I meant that it's a high pitched noise that stays with you. Much like when you attend a rave or nightclub and you can still hear the beat of the music in your ears when you get home :p:


In any event it's cured. It wasn't the fans themselves just when they were mounted to the radiator, I have no idea why. I had thought perhaps the increased airflow produced a whistle as the air went through the radiator fins?


I now have the original fans mounted like before and it works fine. If Corsair ever bring out green Quiet Editions (why the tell have they not) I might get those and try it again but for now my ear are enjoying the silence!

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