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H80i Fan directions


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Hi all Ive been trying to find the correct mounting direction for the h80i fans to get me system its best cooling.


currently I have the rear fan (closest to the case) with the blades facing ->

and the front fan facing -> too.

my system hits 40 very quickly and will not cool down.

and sounds like jet after a few mins of use.



Ive tried fans other way etc but cant seem to get the right optimal cooling.

also i have 3 fans on my motherboard (all corsair) but the corsair link will only pick up 2 off from the motherboard and even shows another fan running at over 2000rpm constantly even if i manually stop all fans .

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Im running an AMD chip too sorry.

A corsair c200 case.

the h80i has the standard fans that come with it.

and 2x Corsair Air Series AF120 LED Red Quiet Edition High on the top of the case.


the issue i have is no matter what way i point the fans on the h80i i just cant seem to get it to cool below 40 deg and it sounds like a jet even when I set fans to quiet on the corsair link.

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