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Is the K70 still having issues?


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I'll be honest, I pretty much signed up to ask this question.

Is the K70 still having problems relating to LEDs?


I have been lurking through a few of the larger threads but from what I can tell thus' far most of it seems to be related to the now discontinued silver/blue model.


I'm interested in the gunmetal grey K70 with Cherry MX Blue keyswitches. This would more than likely be purchased through Amazon UK.


Ideally I was waiting for the RGB version (I suppose we still are) but with the release of the Red switch version the other day I can honestly say that the price of it is far more than I bargained for, red LEDs don't exactly go with the M65 besides it but I suppose in theory I could totally pull off a red-white and blue theme. (Case has white LED strips).

At the very least that would give me the ability to attend a LAN party with the Queen and not appear unPatriotic.


It's quite a considerable amount of money to drop on a single keyboard, I'm interested to know if the purchase is worthwhile and if the LED issue has been resolved, or if I'm likely to be voluntarily signing myself up to a ballsache.



Any help greatly appreciated!

(Also, nice forum you've got here).

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I would recommend saving up extra money to get the new K70 RGB keyboard over the normal K70. I think you would be kicking yourself if you don't wait and get the keyboard you really want. Being able to set each key color and make macro/binds is a big advantage over the normal K70.


I own the Gray/Blue K70 (just over year old). I'm thinking about picking up the RGB K70 this winter as a early Christmas gift.

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Yeah you're probably right, although I do prefer the silver/gunmetal aluminium over the black.


I don't think they have any plans to release a version of the RGB like that just yet?


I haven't seen anything about a gunmetal RGB keyboard. Maybe next year we might see one who knows.

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