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Vengeance 1500, not detected at all in device manager.


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Hey guys..

One day when I switched on my monitor, My pc was hibernating

I realised my audios not playing through my headphones

i sometimes switch my default device to Speakers, but v1500 wasnt even in the playback devices,

nor in the device manager with a yellow triangle


the blue lights do come but when I press the button they remain blue..

I don't know what to do I saw the sticky thread and I saw a popular fix, which stated that(as far as I understood):


the drivers may create a .inf file which will be numbered


but the corresponding cat file wont be located in catroot,



however to find what x is you have to search the regsitry,

i tried searching the regsitry for Corsair using "find"

but all I got was two results

One had Value name: name, and value data Corsair Vengeance 1500

this didnt help me find the OEM number(x)


another person said to disable driver enforcement or something,

I googled a solution for that, and I used a command to disable it,

but to no avail..


I usually never post threads because i find the solution, but this time no luck at all.


Would be glad if anyone could help me!

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If the headset is not detected in Windows on multiple computers, it seems like the headset has somehow failed.


If you are still in warranty (Two years from purchase date), request an RMA to replace the headset and attach a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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