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Came across this in relation to fixing a game that would not stop crashing:





If you corrupt a sector on the SSD which affects your game it doesnt matter how many times you UNINSTALL and REINSTALL it will always be broken............why.....??


Well uninstalling on an SSD doesn't actually delete the block of data that has got corrupted - all it does is "tell the OS" that its technically "empty". So when you reinstall it doesnt RE_WRITE the data to the block it just "REINSTATES IT" so it remains corrupted and crashing your game.....


The only way to Re-install and avoid this is to possibly repair your drive before reinstalling (doesnt always work) or to Install to a different Hard Drive entirely.


How do I know this.................the hard way from my own experience past (with a different game on a friends pc) and present (with Firefall on my own pc - unrepairable bad sector on my SSD)


It doesn't ultimately SCREW your SSD but it does mean that you *most* likely have to secure wipe/reset your ssd using the software tool(s) from you manufacturer to repair your ssd correctly (basically so it knows that there is a bad sector at x,y location).


Until you fix this any data that is written to the bad sector on the SSD can/most likely will affect your system as a whole, depending on how critical that piece of data is to your stable running environment."


I have the newest firm ware , and I have this problem. If this is a known issue when can I expect a firm ware to address this ? As its implications are far reaching. This essentials means that every bsod holds the risk that you may have to secure wipe the drive JUST to get it to report bad sectors, sounds kind of ridiculous as HDD's don't suffer from a reporting problem that would cause data to be written on bad sectors...:evil:

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