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16 gb kit for z97


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I tried another brand, 2400mhz, 1.65v, and am having problems, getting it to run at 2400mhz.


Having **** for brains, regarding ram and timings, I thought it could be easier, getting a 1.5v kit running 2133mhz?


Is this the case?


best regards

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  • Corsair Employees

XMP can be troublesome. While we do what we can on our side, differences in hardware generation and implementation in BIOS make it impossible to get XMP running as flawlessly as we'd like. Honestly I've found the easiest way to get stability at higher memory speeds is to manually enter the timings and voltage listed on the sticker on the memory kit. ;)


Any of our 16GB kits should work fine with that motherboard once the timings and voltage are properly dialed in.

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