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H60 Dips in Pump RPM?


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Good evening,


I have a H60 that has been running since this past January. Initially the pump was running between 4440 - 4560 rpm, which I've read is perfect. I'm aware that it's not really running at those speeds, that my motherboard multiples the values. Over the past month, however, I've noticed that every once in a while, the speed will dip down to as low as 4383 rpm. I've been checking the logs for my HWINFO and I can't say there's any common factor for when those dips in rpm happen. About 90% of the time it stays between 4500 - 4530.


Are those small dips in speed ok? I wasn't sure if it's just a sign of the pump "breaking in," since it's only been running since the end of January. I have the BIOS set for the CPU fan (pump) to always be running at max. I've never had any issues with performance or heat and the pump runs silent. Idle temps run around 28 - 32 and load around 60.


I don't really have the technical know-how to do anything to the pump myself. I had the system custom built.


Any information is greatly appreciated!

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Ok, it seems that the H60 only dips to 4383 while gaming. However, when the dips happen, I don't see any negative impact on temps. I haven't performed any sort of stress tests on the system as I don't oc.


I know it's not much of a variance, and it's still well into the "normal" numbers, I just want to make sure that this new slightly wider variance is normal to see with a pump that is "broken in."

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