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How to install Corsair Commander Mini?


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Hey Guys, Can someone tell me how to install Corsair link commander mini?


I want the full kit that comes with led strips and everything and from where I can get them?


Here is the Corsair Commander Mini




What else do I need to get full kit with everything?


There is not a full kit with Commander Mini and the RGB LED lighting strips. The RGB LED kits will be available early September. The Commander Mini has everything else in it to get you up and running minus the RGB LED strips. The Cooling Node linked in the previous post would get you another two RGB channels and 3 strips right away, or wait a few weeks for the LED kits to be in stock and buy those with a Commander Mini.

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the lighting node is actually priced around the same as if purchasing led strips elsewhere,,,on other vendor sites a 6 led strip is 19.99 so buying the light node is comparably the same price but getting the node as a bonus...;):

besides any lighting enthusiast will buy the light node anyways for the extra channels...

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