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I have just had my rm750 exchanged with a brand new one due to the overheating issue. I have tried the psu with a load of 380W and fan did not spin. Now on the box it says the at 40% load the fan will spin, that is around 300W. The psu feels quite warm to the touch, warmer than a CX600 under the same load. (I know that it is the same load because I used an antminer S1)


The first 4 digits of the S/N code are 1412 which is supposed to be right.


Any ideas why this is happening ?

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Right. What's your room temperature? If it's lower than 25°C, that fan still might not turn on.


You can see here: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2014/june/rm_fan-speed


We had a 444W load on the RM750. Our ambient temps were 30.7°C and it took a couple minutes to spin up.


Those graphs were made by converting Link's CSV log file into a graph in Excel.


Using those graphs as a reference, what does the Link software say your PSU's temperature and load are?

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