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Sudden loss of 5 Corsair Force GT SSDs

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I work with a major hollywood composer. We use very high end systems for sample playback while composing, and used 5 Force GT SSD's on one of our main playback systems.


We turned on our system to discover that all 5 SSD's were non functional: the system wouldn't see them if booted from a CD drive, and the logic board did also not recognize any of the drives.


We removed them and shipped them back to LA (our home base) where they were tested on both a Mac system and a Windows system, just to verify that the drives couldn't be seen or recognized by either type of computer.




1) Any idea how 5 SSD drives could have been damaged between the time a system was shut down and restarted a few days later?


2) How do we get the RMAs required to return these drives for repair or replacement? How long would this take from the time I shipped the drives to Corsair and when I got new ones back to rebuild the computer they came from?


Thanks for your help!


George Leger III

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I am going through the RMA process now.


I would still like to know how 5 SSD drives could all fail at the same time.


Has anyone heard of such a thing, or do you have any idea how this might have happened? I need to know in order to satiate my boss, who is now freaking out that all the computers are SSD drives we own are suspect and could fail, causing entire computers with multiple SSD's to go down.


As a tech who also maintains a number of computers (both Mac and Windows OS computers) I would sure like to know how this might have happened. I have people to answer too.



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Link this thread in the narrative of your support ticket and ask for this to be escalated to engineering. We might need to do a failure analysis.


Was your playback system using a RAID configuration? If yes, we'll need complete system info on that computer.

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