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Power button just broke.


How can the probably most used button brake so easy?

Poorly design?


Well, nothing to do but open it, and live with an open controller.


Last time i get a corsair sound system.

It shouldn't be the controller failing, lol.

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Well, its 2 years and 1 month old i think.


EVERYTHING is fine, you just can't turn on the system.


Kinda lame ha?


Going down on a broken button, not a speaker.

It must be made of cheap, thin plastic, otherwise i can't explain it.

You don't turn on the system by smashing it on the floor.

You JUST press the button, nothing insane.


Sorry, but I'm just really mad about this!

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I did create a ticket.

But system is just over 2 years old now.

And since i work as a technician, i have no problem locating and fixing.

It's just that when i see how this whas made of thin thin plastic holding the button on the switch below, i wonder why this wasn't broke earlier?


I'd still say poor design, and poor those like me with no warranty.

It's a foolish thing to fail on a speaker setup.


Well, of to make some reviews.

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