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AF140L (Corsair 750D stock fans) vs. AF140 Retail


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I currently replaced the Stock 140 fans from the back of my 750D, with the retail version of the AF140 with the colored rings. This was the only reason for replacing it (the colored rings... I have push pull on my H100i with SP120 fans, and the aesthetics is amazing).


As of now, I have the stock fans used for front intake, and all I can say is that they are the most annoying-est and rattling-est fans in my case. After getting the retail AF140, I definitely want to get 2 more to replace the stock fans. The retail versions are so much quitter, and they never give off a rattle sound. I wish the AF140 were a little cheaper though. Luckily I got one of mine for $16.99 + tax. Too bad they don't come in twin packs.


I know the fans are technically the same fans, but with added colored rings, and anti vibration dampeners. However, the retail versions are 10 times better.


Im definitely a Corsair "fan boy". All the fans I own are Corsair, My case is Corsair, My CPU cooler is Corsair, My PSU is Corsair, and My RAM is Corsair. I love you Corsair :)

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