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CMZ12GX3M3A2000 OC Problems...


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I have just installed this 12GB 2000MHz triple channel kit in my system and am having some problems.


My system includes i7-920, Asus P6T Deluxe V2, and this memory kit amongst other things.


The system is overclocked to 4GHz with no problems and has run fine for 5 years now...

XMP Profile: #1 (10-10-10-27-2N-1.50V-1.20V)

CPU Ratio: 21

BCLK: 191

DRAM Freq: 1531MHz

UCLK/QPI Drate = Auto/Auto

CPU V: 1.35v

PLL V: 1/82v

SPI/QPI V: 1.35v

RAM V: 1.5v


CPU-Z reports DRAM freq as 763.6MHz, FSB:DRAM = 2:8 when BIOS set to 1521MHz


The problem is I can't get the memory to work past 1531MHz, the next step the BIOS allows is 1914MHz which should be achievable with this memory kit should it not?


I've cleared the CMOS (more than once) the BIOS is up to date, and I've tried a few tweaks to some of the memory timings to relax things, both XMP Profiles #1 and #2, also upping the RAM V to 1.52v.


Every time I set the speed to 1914MHz the BIOS CMOS always corrupts and I have to start all over again...


Any help appreciated!


Not great with maths so please go easy on me!

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They work fine at stock settings, it is only when overclocked that they cause a problem.


Am I doing something wrong, I'm not an expert at overclocking, but I expected them to just work, pretty much, as I would be running them undeclocked so to speak (1914 instead of 2000)...

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That's was what I answered. When the CPU was at stock speeds (not overclocked) the memory worked fine. It is only when the system is overclocked that there is a problem.


I can run the memory at 1531MHz at 9-9-9-26-1N when overclocked with no problems, but it refuses to work at 1914MHz no matter what settings I try, I've tried loosening all the timings etc. to ease things up for the memory but as soon a the PC reboots the BIOS corrupts and I have to cleat the CMOS...

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For X58 mainboards using DDR3-2000 memory needs an overclock of the system bus / reference clock (BCLK@143MHz) and with a Nehalem processor also at least a 4000MHz uncore clock. I personally never had an ASUS P6T variant myself, but i suppose enabling the XMP in the bios does not apply all the other adjustments needed. It wold probably be a good idea, to read one or two Nehalem OC tutorials first, to understand the dependencies in place and what voltages and dividers you may need to manually adjust.
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As I said in my first post, I have had the system running overclocked for 5 years now...


As far as I can tell all my settings are correct and the memory should run at 1914MHz but won't.


I'm wondering if the motherboard just can't handle it even though rated for up 2000MHz?

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Yeah, sounds like a motherboard issue. Your platform's on the old side and wasn't designed around the time these monsters were available. I'd honestly go back to 1531MHz with those timings and keep the CPU overclock, or alternatively, try to bump CPU voltage and see if that gets 1914MHz stable.
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