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Corsair performance LED Fans?


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My new build has been running great but I feel like the led quote edition fans are holding back it's full potential.


I could have sworn I read that Corsair was releasing some LED versions of the performance model fans but I can't find any information.


I thought I read August somewere..does anyone know if they are still coming?

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There are no LED "performance" fans as far as I know. I think they're all "quiet editions" or Static Pressure. Also there appear to be no AF 140 performance fans either... still they move a good deal of air.


George from Corsair, on overclock.net said SP 140 non LED fans will be coming next year, and that Fan development takes a lot of time and work. He said they had a lot of things in developement right now, which i read as things not just fan related. They have a killer RGB LED cherry switch keyboard coming soon and I'm sure some things we'll hear about in time.


I think the august thing you heard about was probably the SP140 LED and SP120 LED which were recently released this month.

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