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Corsair cx500: from Canada to Switzerland


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Hi all,


Recently I moved to Switzerland and brought my new computer build from Canada. The PSU on my build is a Corsair cx500.


In Switzerland the electrical power and power plugs are different from Canada. Swiss: Voltage 220V, Frequency 50Hz. The plugs look like this: http://www.about.ch/various/electricity.html

In Canada it is 110V and 60Hz.


From the specs, I saw that the cx500 can handle those voltages and frequencies just fine.


But the problem I'm facing is the power plug on my PSU doesn't fit here. I tried finding a simple adapter but no luck.


So is it possible to just switch the power cable that I already have with a North American plug to another generic brand cable here with a Swiss plug attached? Will that have any negative effect on the PSU?


Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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