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Issues with H80i and corsair link


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I just mounted a brand new H80i water cooler on my i5-4690K on an Asus Z97M-plus motherboard

At first my mother board did not recognize the pump connected to the cpu fan connector and I was getting constant CP fan failure and had to F1 into the bios

After I force started into windows (8.1) I was able to install Corsairlink 2 and thus view some monitoring. I was unable to get any fan or pump information. My mainboard software monitor, Asus3 showed the pump running at 2300rpm

Via the Corsair website I did the registry trick for the USB issues in Win8.1. After restart the bios saw the pump rotating, in windows Corsairlink did an immediate USB update.

Then began the nightmare. I still was not getting fan or pump information

I restarted and started getting the CPU fan error and had to F1 into the bios. The mainboard was not reading the pump anymore. I reanabled and disabled mainboard fan connectors in the bios ad nausum , tried different mainboard fan connectors. I could only force start into windows. The radiator fans were now running full blast and the pump speed was 0000 rpm in the with my Asus3 mainboard monitor... temps were 33-35 degrees but I dare not do gaming or benching...

Trying to unsinstall and reainstall the corsiar link does not help.

PS never got those cool display dial graphics in corsairlink....


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I swapped around USB headers as discussed in this forum...no help

Just update the Bios of my Asus Z97M-plus, all the same.


Just for the fun of it. I connected my older Antec 620 H20 into the same CPU header and turned on the PC. The Pump turned on immedeatly and even the pump speed showed up in the Bios

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Update 2

I just hit upon something

I removed the H80i completely and reinstalled my trusty Kúhler 620 which works. And had a thought...

I connected the H80i to a seperate fancontroller AND the sata power supply to the main board. Put on the PC and lo and behold the pump IS working it vibrates... but NO numbers on the fancontrol. The pump has been working all along but not giving a display.. is the fan signal connector faulty? is this why my PC was freaking out giving me CPU fan error? will upload video in a while

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My Old Antec Kúhler 620 is doing a great job right now... No silly extra cables and mess. Got some great Yate Loons red LED front and back and its does 2200rpm.. idle 32, OCCT 30minutes 60-70 celsius. More importantly Watch Dogs 50-55. All controlled by the flick of a swith on my case.. I already made an RMA to the store I bought the H80i from.. But then they'll just send me another one.. I'll sell it and buy something else. Not Corsair..
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