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750D Front Panel Issues


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A couple of months ago I bought a 750D case for my new upcoming Haswell-E build. Upon receipt of the case I had a bit of trouble removing the front panel and noticed it had a few problems.


First of all, the top of the front panel doesn't sit flush with the rest of the case and on removal, appeared slightly bowed in the middle.

Secondly, the left clasp which holds the front panel in place is broken with the lower plastic clasp arm hanging by a thread, and when depressed with the front panel on, requires me to push in with much more force than the right hand side.

Thirdly the dust filter seems to have been made to a size that isn't the same size as its space in the case, and has to be forced and pushed in to fit, which bows out the middle (perhaps the cause of the bow in the front panel?)


Now at the time I thought these were fairly minor quibbles, I wasn't building my case right then and there; I could forget about it. So I put the case in a spare room and forgot.


Cue it coming up to the end of August and with it looking increasingly likely Haswell-E is being released in a few weeks, I now need to pay some serious attention to my build.

So I bought my power supply, some Noctua case fans and watercooling gear and started hooking everything up for a test run without the mobo/CPU etc. and that's when I re-encountered those problems. The clasp is likely to break soon, at which point it will probably be my fault, and with front fans in the case, with the front panel on, the left clasp also rattles with the vibration (despite using anti-vibration pads and screw-replacements).

Sure would have been nice if those clasps that hold the panel on were made of some better quality plastic and everything was the proper size.


What should I do? Should I submit an RMA request? Postage on a case is likely to be huge. Is it possible to replace the clasps without swapping out the entire case? Thanks.

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Yep. And a video. Had a play around with the clasp by trying to bend it back in to shape.. Which improved its ability to hold the panel but it still rattles.


Video of the rattle. (Oh god, vertical video, I'm sorry!) [ame]



Left side of the dust cover which is okay.



Right side which is bowed out at the edge.



Front panel top which doesn't sit flush with the case.



Front panel taken off and compared with the edge of a rad.


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Sorry for you troubles. It took over 2 months to get all the parts for my new PC; the 760T case was the first arrival. Even though I did not have any parts to put in it, I unpacked it, check it for quality, fit and parts included; I even used a 12 DC power supply to check the fans, then repackaged it.

I learned a LONG time ago, and ALL you users should also: When you buy something, you inspect it, and if you are not satisfied, it goes back immediately, to avoid warranty problems and future anxiety. I have a 760T case, and for what it cost, it better be perfect and mine "fortunately" was.

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Is the dust cover normal (straight not bend in some sides)?


Put in a support ticket and link them to this thread, they should be able to replace the front panel and the dust cover if there is an issue with it. Make sure you also upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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He means if you take out the filter is the filter still bend or straight, If it's bend when not installed, put a ticked and show tech support the photo's and explain your problem, they will assist you for resolving this problem.
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