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RAW (Nikon NEF), iPad Air and VA2


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You CAN use VA2 as a storage for your Nikon NEF using an iPad Air. Here's how:


Connect your Nikon camera to iPad Air using Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Transfer NEF files using iOS Photo App


Set up VA2 and wifi connect with iPad Air using iOS VA app.


Transfer NEF files from iPA to VA2 using App. (You can transfer the NEF files - they'll show up in Documents folder, not Pictures folder - but cannot view them using VA app.


Wifi connect VA2 to your Apple laptop or iMac. Transfer NEF files.


I could not get this to work using Seagate Wireless Plus or LaCie FUEL as the Seagate Media app kept crashing when I tried to transfer the NEF files from the iPA to the devices.

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