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REPLACED module is even worse than original

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Ok, I'm the guy from Forum Post number: 145590.

I'm happy to say that I did receive the replacement modules on schedule.


Unfortunately, one of these modules is so bad that it won't pass BIOS memory check.

With the other module installed, or either of my other 2 modules (individually), the system boots and passes memtest with flying colors. When both new modules are installed (with the bad one as the 'high' range module), the system will boot, but threw 1888 errors on memtest86+ (Yes, with the tweaks to the BIOS settings we had discussed previously). With only the bad module installed, the system hits POST and shows a 'Memory Failure' and halts.


Are you now or in the recent past been experiencing some manufacturing problems resulting in such a high failure rate for your RAM dimms?


Anyway, review the post, and either make a diagnostics request or two then forward me to your RMA department, or just forward me to your RMA department.



Nightjester Thraeryn

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Please set the settings at 2.5/3/3/7 if you do not have the same version with a 2.7 or 2.8 volts, and see how it goes.


If you don't mind, a question before I take my computer offline again:


1) If manually configuring the settings make that much of a difference, why would one of the two dimms work under the configuration you asked for previously and one not. (They're supposed to be matched to run together right? and so therefor, should work individually with the same settings).



I don't mean to be a pain, but the system is currently running (using the other 512 dimms) , so each time I have to swap dimms and re-run diagnostics means I have to tear the system down twice, set it up twice, and take it out of commission in the meanwhile. All of which is inconvenient, time consuming, and generally a large pain in the backside. So any steps that do not have a good chance of resolving the problem should be avoided.

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The reason being is that I wanted to make sure that it's not the memory module. Sometimes if your PSU is too low 450Watts or below and some more it is not a true wattage PSU, on most cases it is not producing that much voltage on the system, and by setting it at 2.8/2.85 will give that enough power on the system. Now for the 2.5/3/3/7 is to check if the modules will run without any problem in a relax timing settings, since I do not know if you got the modules replaced "RMA'ed" from us already, and if you did and got only one module replaced, then I am suspecting that you don't have a matched set and the recommended settings for it will be 2.5/3/3/7.
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Ok, fair enough.


The modules were both replaced as a pair and should be a matched set.


Both modules should be identical, but are not.

One of the two is showing enough errors that the system will completely not boot.


I do believe it's time for another RMA procedure to try again.

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I say they're not the same because one works and one does not.

I can boot the system up and run the full memory test suite on one with no errors., the other fails even the bios check and the system will not boot. When both are put into the system at once, the memory test showed over 2000 errors about half way through the standard tests.


i.e. if they're 'matched' and supposed to be identical, they're not. As far as their apperance, they are indistinguishable (other than the big 'B' that I've now sharpied on one).

Does that explain it?

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