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FW 5.81 now


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New 180GB Force GS Drives with Firmware 5.81! Today arrived new Drives from our Distributor and all are at 5.81.


Corsair SSD Toolbox 1.2 Information:


Current Version 5.81

Available Version Unknown

No firmware update information was found for this drive.

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Yes, the GT too !


My replacement RMA drive arrived Monday a ForceGT 240, have a new Firmware 5.81, i think is a totally new Hardware inside

and a new firmware bundled too, i don't think this firmware can be flashed on an old one.

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Is this 5.81 firmware only available for new shipping drives or also for existing drives via the SSD Toolbox firmware update tool ?


Does anyone know the changelog of this version ?


Are the Force GS and GT the only drives concerned ?



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