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M90 Scroll wheel/click Issue


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Hey everyone, I've been using the sexy little mouse at work (I bought one for home too) for a while now so I can map the buttons to shortcuts for my 3D applications and aside from the software being a little, eh, I have love everything about that mouse.


The only thing I keep running into that us a pretty huge annoyance is that when I click and hold the mouse wheel in order to pan around, in this case the UV window of 3DS Max, it will often scroll by a click or two and kind of "toss" my view to another area in which case I have to stop what I'm doing, zoom out, locate the area I was working on and then zoom back in.


Is there any way to disable scrolling once the wheel button has been clicked? I know this isn't a fault in any way, it just happens to mess me up a bit and this would fix my problem.


Thanks for any tips you guys can offer! Even if I need to edit a config file or something like that, I'm cool with that :)

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