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750D rear fan filter


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I have a 750D and I want to use the top rear fan mount as an intake. Does anyone know of a filter that will fit? I bought a 140mm magnetic fan but it was too big. I suppose that I could cut it down and tape it on, but I would prefer a more elegant solution.



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I have 3 140mm fans in the top of my 750D. The back 2 exhaust my H110 out and the front is intake over the 5.25 bays (I have my hdd's mounted in there with brackets). I have a long haired cat that sheds like no tomorrow (seriously how does this thing still have so much fur?) and live in a dusty environment. The magnetic top filter catches a ton of fur and dust so I can just wipe it down every week or so with no hassle. Love it.
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Just like the thenosbod and RocketPuppy said below, it cannot be said enough.

These ARE high-tech, fine-pored, sophisticated fan filters. They are not cheap in quality or price, but well worth the money.

I have the 760T six-filter set from DEMCifilter and it looks and performs great on my system.

I find very fine little dog hairs from my pet and dust particles on these filters.

I just brush them off or occasionally wash the filters.

I put one on the outside of my rear exhaust fan see what dust was in my case. Then I went back later and cleaned up my case inside and the filter, and refrained from constantly opening the case. The result: I cannot find anything on that filter; I have not had to clean that filter again.

They have magnetic, adhesive and custom solutions for most PC cases.

They have a set for the 750D and other cases; and you can buy individual filters or sets.

After a LOT of time searching for filters, this is the set I would buy again.

They look so good, it looks like they came with the case; but you cannot see any logos glaring at you, so you know somebody else made it; thank goodness DEMCifilter was around.

I would call this product “quiet-stated elegance” (if you have a black case).

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