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Case fan vibration question in a 650D

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I have a 650D and I am aware of the front intake fan having noise issues so I’ve decided to replace it. I also read that the intake fan cannot exceed 20mm width otherwise it will not fit without modding the case to cut out the mesh panel or mounting the hard drive cage further back towards the PSU. I am not interested in either of those solutions though.


I know this is going to sound pretty JV but bear with me. I decided to replace the stock 200mm fan with a 140mm Noctua and used the silicon push through holders to mount the fan on the metal meshing. It holds well and now my case is very quiet, but since the fan is 25mm it is touching my hard drive cage. I unscrewed the hard drive cage and slid it back a bit so only the bottom right corner of the fan is now touching the cage. The fan typically spins around 1000-1200rpm. I was wondering if the vibration from the fan could damage data on my hard drive? I have one SSD and two mechanical drives.


TL;DR: Can case fan vibration damage data on my hard drive?

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