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Filters, fans and grommets for the 200R?


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I am thinking of purchasing the 200R case for my next home build. My current psu just died (probably as a result of dust). So I am keen to make sure that my next PC case has good fan filters in place. Am I right in thinking that Corsair do not sell filters for the 200R case? I've looked in the parts and accessories section of the website...


Would the top mesh for the 300R case fit the 200R case?


What about the side fan vents?


I know the 200R case doesn't come with rubber grommets for the cable management holes... Can these be bought elsewhere?


The 200R looks like the best budget case out there, but it would be nice to have these these features provided!





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I've found a dust filter kit for the 200R by a third party supplier... but it is £40 GBP! Not sure what to do now... If getting what I want from the 200R is going to cost £80-90 GBP anyway, then I should consider other cases which perhaps include dust filters...
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