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Corsair H80i cooling Issue


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So, I've had my h80i installed for about 6 months now, never had an issue. But today, I was getting 100 degrees Celsius watching a youtube video. So, naturally, I turned off the computer.


Later on when I had time, I reapplied some thermal compound and now I am getting lower temperature readings but they are still pretty high. Like 65 degrees just on my internet browser.


I have double checked my connections on the unit its self and they are all connected/all fans spinning.


Can someone help me out? Thank you so much!

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First off, thanks for the quick replies, much appreciated.

I'll double check the BIOS and the tubes tomorrow, it's currently nighttime here.

And my box fans are not old.


I was also reading that a set of washers are like needed in the back of the plate. Is this true? Let me know.


I'll keep you guys updated.

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