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SP140 or AF140 for corsair 750d front intake?


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Well I've got two SP140s now in the front. I cant say its made any difference at all. The only difference i can tell seems to be on paper in the spec sheet but the real world effect is about the same for me. Perhaps worse than the af140 due to what the spec sheets claim in cfm.


The LEDS on them are very nice though. I'm going to add an AF140 led to the exhaust to match.


Nice fans.. just dont think theres really a difference at all.


The biggest issue seems to be the terrible restricted airflow on the 750d intake. From what I understand corsair maybe addressing the front plate cover issue with a more air flow friendly planel that matches the case style. I hope it comes out soon and it also has a different air filter design to show off the fans nicer.


I've added an intake 120 to the bottom of the case, that brought down the mb temps 8c. Not bad. (I tried two intake fans on bottom no benefit over just using 1) The cpu temps are still the same. I'm exhausting out the top with an h100i in push. Tempted to try intake in from the top just to compair or maybe intake from the rear and exhaust out the top. Main reason is my msi nvidia card doesnt have the standard blower cooler on it.

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