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GS600 reboots system and fans not spinning!


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Hi guys,


I bought my GS600 in 2012, to power up my (then) new gaming rig. All was going well until I started getting random reboots when the computer was on load, such as gaming. No warning, no BSOD. It's now getting a bit more frequent and now I'm worried my PSU is failing :[pouts:


I'm pretty sure it is not the memory as I've run multiple memtests and they have passed. I also have a Hyper Evo 212 cooler in there as I initially thought my CPU was overheating, but that isn't the case. I haven't overclocked my CPU and measuring my temps, they only reach 50C before shutting down.


I tried running Furmark and Heaven but as soon as I run them, system reboots again.


I tried the paperclip test and, on start up, the PSU fans spin, then stops. I know this is how the GS was designed, but I have noticed (I've now taken the PSU out the case) that under heavy loads, such as CPU tests and intense gaming (BF4 and Crysis) that the fans still don't spin. Then power turns off during one of the best games of my life!! ;)::shootme:


But...here's the kicker. It was bought by my friend on Amazon, and posted to him as he had Amazon Prime and I couldn't wait for a delivery (eager beaver!!) :p: if it comes to it, can it still be returned and RMA'd? If I can still manage to get the Purchase Order and receipt off him?



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You can't use HWMonitor to monitor PSU voltages. Those are voltages @ the motherboard.


That said... Everything looks good.


Still could be a PSU problem. Might be memory, but I would think you'd at least see a BSOD before the reboot if that were the case.

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OK, so the replacement GS600 (2013 edition) came through.


I set it up and tested and stress tested it (gaming and Furmark) and now I HAVE A FULL WORKING PC AGAIN!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


I also stated to Corsair CS that I was a student that couldn't pay for the return shipping and they gave me a UPS returns label and paid for shipping.


I gotta Corsair have done remarkably and has been the best CS experience I have dealt with. Credit really goes to the Corsair guys.


Thanks all!!!

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