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I am interested in a gaming keyboard but ...


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I don't like the concave keys around the 'wasd' keys.

I use the right side of a keyboard for gaming.

Is there a way to get normal keys in those locations?


Also if I get a keyboard can I get blue back lighting and Cherry MX Brown switches?


Also what is the physical size in inches for the http://www.corsair.com/en-us/vengeance-k95-fully-mechanical-gaming-keyboard


Thanks in advance.

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Most people only go to forums like this to post an issue they are experiencing or to ask questions about a certain product. While people with working products rarely post about their working keyboard.


I have a K90 about 2.5 years old with no dead L.E.Ds and issues, while i cannot guarantee the keyboard you buy will be problem free, it is your decision on whether you want to buy a Corsair keyboard or not.

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I have been checking around about Corsair keyboards and seems like many of them loose back lighting over time.


Have had my current K90 for quite a while now and it's still working perfectly fine.


The software that is included with the keyboard is extremely limited though. This is probably only a problem if you want to create macros that include mouse clicks (which the keyboard macro software doesn't allow) or do more complicated things with your macro keys like running complex scripts.

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