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Voyager Air External Security


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I had a quick question with regards to password and security for my Voyager Air. I know that a password can be set when enabling internal wireless access to the VA but there does not seem to be any external password that you can set when the VA is connected to an external network? An example of what I mean is when the VA is connected to an external network either via ethernet or wireless passthrough, anyone can access the VA via it's allocated external I.P. address with no username / password restrictions. This is fine when I am at home or in the office on a private network but not when I am connected to a public or hotel network where anyone could potentially have access to my files and folders by simply knowing my VA's external I.P. address.


Thanks and I would appreciate any feedback on this or if anyone can let me know if there is a setting in the VA that covers this issue that I may be unaware of!

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