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Corsair force GT confusion firmware


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OK I have a corsair force GT 240 gig SSD. I just bought another one from newegg. On the first one I already had it says firmware 5.24. On the one I just got today it says firmware 5.07 and when I check for updates it says an update is ready to download but the firmware is listed as 5.05.


Which firmware is newest 5.07 or 5.05 and why does my other one say it has firmware 5.24 with no updates available?


Should I update the new drive to 5.05?

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No, leave the firmware as is. It's most likely due to a different BoM.


No, considering the extended timeframe and lack of updates I think it is because Corsair does not want to do the testing and maintenance that most other companies that use SandForce controllers do. I was doing some testing and went back to 5.05 and now even though I know it works on 5.07 I can't update it to what it was running. I have numerous SandForce based devices from other SSD manufacturers and they ALL have gone well past 5.05 and of course even past 5.07.


It's really quite sad and a major reason I stopped buying Corsair SSD's.

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