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Less than a year old Corsair M65 mouse failing?


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Hey, here's a video of what's going on with my mouse:





Here's the description of the video I posted on youtube:


Corsair M65, with about 6 months of use. Sensor seems to be messed up, and pulls to random spots or just quits working. It gets working again by pulling it out and connecting it on again (as you can hear the Windows device remove and insertion sound).

Sometimes just doing it once does the trick (which isn't good anyway), sometimes it doesn't, so I bash the mouse against the desktop and it seems to work fine after. Or after a day.


Also, it seems to only happen on the first or second round, then it doesn't happen anymore, until it "cools down", then happens the next day.


Funny is that it is also randomly toggled when I press both buttons simultaneously... which coincidently are the same buttons I press when I aim and fire! So it just pulls to a random side heavily and I lose my target (when it just doesn't turn the sensor off)


It's a real shame to have such expensive mouse (250BRL ~ 110USD, where minimum wage is 724BRL) crap on you, where it is specifically designed for: Gaming.


I feel like I need to RMA this thing, but I've always dealt with high quality products and luckily never had to do it in my lifetime, so I don't have any idea what's going to happen, if I'm going to get a refurbished mouse, a new mouse or something.

It is surely heart breaking.




Is this a known issue or is my device faulty?

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