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K90 dying randomly


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Hi, I'm using a K90 and I love this thing. It has been working perfectly without fault until about a week ago.


One day as I was casually using my computer, it just turned off and wouldn't work. I looked at it for a second and lifted the front by the wrist pad and it turned back on. Great, I thought, but I was a little worried. A few hours later it turned off again. This time, lifting it did nothing. I figured the usb cables may have gotten loose, or the port on my mobo died, so I changed the usb ports I was using and it didn't turn back on. I picked it completely up and tilted it and it turned on again.


Over the past week it has been turning off, even while I'm not using it (sometimes in the middle of watching a show without me even touching it). I'm not an expert which is why I came here to ask about it.


Things I have done/important info:

  • Used multiple different ports on the mobo, including only plugging in one cable instead of both.
  • wiggled every "connecting" area of the usb cables: the actual usb part, the blue part where the two usb cables form into "one", and the part where the cable actually goes into the keyboard itself.
  • Tried slowly tilting in every direction when it dies, and it seems to randomly come back alive, but not unless I actually lift it and tilt it.


This is the best keyboard I have ever used, and when it comes back from the dead, it works perfectly. Every LED lights up, every key works, no lag, it's like a brand new keyboard again. I am really hoping there is a suggestion to what I can do besides "buy a new keyboard" because this keyboard isn't even that old and I am a little tight on money at the moment and using a cheap replacement in the meantime. Any suggestions are welcome, and thank you if you read this far.

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