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Successor to Corsair Obsidian 800D


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Hi All


I'm a huge fan of the Corsair Obsidian 800D, I purchased mine as a Christmas present to myself in 2009.


This case was revolutionary in that it introduced features that no case at the time had & which many case manufacturers now emulate. I still get a little grin as I walk in and see this Corsair chassis on my desk.


I know that 800D has been discontinued, and have read that the Corsair Obsidian 900D is the successor to the 800D. However, the 900D is a totally different case bearing no resemblance to the 800D.


The 900D is massive, making the 800D look somewhat small beside it. I realize that the 900D was built to improve & correct the shortcomings of the 800D however, there's no resemblance at all to the 800D. In addition the size of the 900D is humongous. It seems as though 900D completely skips pass what the 800D was & introduces a whole different class of chassis.


Are there any plans to build a case that fills the space between the 900D & the 750D? And if so, will it bear any resemblance to the 800D?

To me & I'm sure others will agree the 800D is a classic example of what a case should look like. It would be a shame to see that those classic good looks no longer used.

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Could not agree with you more, except I do like the size of the 900D!!! Wish George would just update the 800D and even the 700D with the features the new cases have. Also, make a full size version of the 650D with the new features as well. Unfortunately, I don't think George will bring back the classic (AWESOME) look the old Obsidian line had. This sucks because the aesthetics of cases is very important to me, and I don't like the way the new Obsidian Series cases looks. I think the 650D, 700D & 800D were the best looking cases EVER!!!! Especially the almighty 800D. The 800D was an example of what happens when computer cases and art meet head on. What a masterpiece it was and to think it was the first case released from Corsair is simply amazing! George hit a grand slam with his first at-bat. It revolutionized the industry and sent expectations through the roof. What a work of art it was and it will never be forgotten. REST IN PEACE old friend, rest in peace!!!
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