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psu fan not spinning


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Im sorry if my english is bad.

I ve installed a Pc today.

but i noticed even if i use a stress test to test the cpu the rm750 s fan is still not working. I suppose there is more wattage use than 40%


So i thought there is something wrong with the cabel inside the motherboard.


I use the Z97 killer board from ASRock. and there ist the PWR_FAN slot with 3 pins. And I have only one cable with 3 pins. and then I used it.


Now is my proble,:

On the other side of the 3 pins cable is a slot with 4 pins. I can only stick this 4 pins slot in the c-link slot on the psu.


I think Im wrong with what im doing do i?


I heard the c-link slot is only for controlls and not for power supplies fans am i right?

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With just the one graphics card, it doesn't matter if you stress the CPU and GPU simultaneously. You're still not using enough power and/or generating enough heat inside the PSU to make that 750W's fan spin. You're probably only using about 450W.
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