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CS650M ticking sound and extremely low voltage on +12V?


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Recently purchased CS650M for my desktop at work and I've been having nothing but issues with it.


There is this ticking sound coming from the power supply for which I can't identify if it's the ventilator or something else.

It comes and goes, sometimes it's very loud, othertimes I can hardly hear it.


My biggest issue is the voltage output on +12V rail :


+3.3V = 3.344V

+5V = 5.130V

+12V = 11.880V


This reading was taken in BIOS.


Doesn't Corsair test their products before shipping?

11.880V while IDLE is really really terrible, doesn't even come close to this : CS650m Voltage Regulation and Efficiency Measurements

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Yep. Voltages measured in the BIOS or software are dodgy at best.


Even if they were correct, nothing wrong with +11.88V on the +12V rail. You can drop to +11.6V and still be within spec. Spec is +/- 5%.


As for the clicking noise... hard to say without knowing where it is coming from. But if it's the fan, I'd definitely RMA it.

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