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Voyager air error please help


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Good morning all!


I am on holiday as of today for 2 weeks in the canaries.


I purchased a voyager air drive about a month ago to allow me to back up all photos and videos from the holiday as well as some movies (owned) for the kids.


I used it a few times yesterday without any problem on the way here on the plane, but last night when trying to access it I am now getting a problem.


I can connect wirelessly to the device, and can usually see it ok. I use 2 apps to access on my ipad the voyager app and another app called files connect.


With the voyager app now I just get the following error: SQLite query unable to prepare and statement: 5 database is locked.


In the voyager app I can not see settings at all either via browser pointing at it's IP address or the app. If I use my files connect app I can see the device it will connect, start the download and will either crawl the file transfer before timing out/crashing or just crash, this is with any size file even small 1-2 meg pics from the kids camera.


Please help. This is the only way I have of keeping all my photos and video footage from the holiday as well as keeping the kids entertained in the evening (we can't stay out late as we have a baby). I know last resort I can just use camera (largish memory card) but the camcorder only has a hours worth of recording space.



Any ideas? Any help great fully received I am hoping this is something I can fix while I am here.



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If possible, connect the Voyager Air via USB into a computer and you should be able to access the files and back it up on another storage device.


The SQLite error i think can be resolved by deleting a file on the Voyager Air but wait for Bill to confirm it and provide proper instructions.

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Sadly I did not bring a laptop on this trip hence why we bought the air, to try reduce our weight on our luggage.


I have managed to get by, as by a complete flook my old ravpower device was still in my day bag for work which my wife used as her day bag for the plane.


This device allows you to plug a USB drive into it and the offer the same functionality as the air sadly just not as well.


I have managed to get the 2 working in tandem to allow me to get files on and off the air basically using as a USB drive and nothing more.


I would still like to hear from corsair about a fix for this problem when I get back other this is just a very shiny and expensive USB drive.


I am slightly saddened by the lack of any response from corsair. I was thinking that for such a well known company that a little support may have been forth coming at least during business hours, but guess this is not the case.

I will check back daily but otherwise guess I will be reporting formally when I get home.



Sadly my experience with this product and it's support so far have been most definitely lacking.



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Sadly I am away on holiday as per my original post. I would have been completely scuppered if I did not have my ravpower device in my bag by flook otherwise I would not have had any back for my sd media.


Not sure I really want to ask the hotel to connect it to one of their computers and we didn't bring one this time because we brought the air.


Will retry when we get home in about 10 days or so and update


Thanks for your reply bill



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Bill thanks for your help


I managed to get access to the drive as a hard drive (via my ravpower)


Deleted all the library files and rebuilt it on reboot so all now working ok.

It did go again and had same problem but repeated rebuild and seems ok again.

Think the issue is slightly flakey software corrupting on shut down but will keep you updated.

Thanks again

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