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Vengeance 1500, v2


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I bought a set of Vengeance 1500 headphones a while back, and loved them until one of the speakers failed. It was replaced under warranty with a pair of v2s. I've actually been travelling for the last year, but I'm back now and find I can hardly wear them. I appreciate there were complaints about robustness in the original version, but the v2s are like wearing a vice around my skull. I have never owned a headset (and I have lots) which grips the head so tightly, and it actually causes ocular migraines after a few hours with them on.


There is no way to adjust them to reduce this pressure - lengthening the arms actually brings the earpieces closer together, increasing the pressure - which is already intolerable at the minimum extension required to actually fit.


Is there anything at all I can do about this? I simply can't wear the replacement headset!

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