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Black screen and reboot during gaming


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Recently I have built a new pc; everything went fine, except for the fact that when I am playing games I randomly get black screen and reboots where I can also hear a strange sound from headsets, a noise that sounds like "trrr". P.S: I've never got blue screen of death, only black screen with or without reboot. Can this problem be related to the psu?


PSU corsair rm750

Case aerocool xpredator x3 devil red

MOBO msi z87-gd65 gaming

CPU i5 4670k

Ram corsair vengeance pro 8gb

Gpu asus gtx 780 ti directcu II

Hard disk wd black 1tb

Cpu cooler Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO

Thermal grease Zalman zm-stg2

sound card asus xonar dx

fan Aerocool Silent Master 200mm

fan Aerocool Air Force 140mm

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Trrr sound can be your usb hub if your headset is connected or powered true usb and not cinche or your ingame sound stopped when the black screen appears. Black screen in game is most of the time the GPU, driver problem, try a older version of your driver.
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