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Corsair Link Support for 2 PSUs


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Since there is the possibility to connect 2 PSUs together, either through ADD2PSU unit or through a self made cable, i wanted to ask if the software supports more than one PSU, or if such support will be offered in the future.


Im planning on getting 2 new PSUs for my Computer, and im thinking either Antec high current pro 1300 times 2 (because they have the OC Link) or two corsair Units AX1500i.


The thing is i dont know if the software supports 2 PSUs as i will definetly need to tinker the settings of both PSU, because i will be using high current needing components (theres a reason im planning on buying 2 1500w PSU)


I would also use this post to suggest corsair to add to their next iteration of PSU, the ability to chain multiple PSUs together through a system like ANtecs OC Link, naturrally with the added suport of manipulating more than ONE PSU in Corsair Link

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