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In december we celebrate Sinterklaas in the netherlands. some local stores give away stuffs that are donated to them to give away. Luckely i won out of the 500+ people a Corsair vengeance 1500. i dont know if it contains warranty but i hope so.


since my friend went on holidays for 4 weeks. so didn't use skype for over 4 weeks. now he was back and my mic doesnt work on my windows 7 32 Bit pc. where i got drivers installer. i checked the volume settings and those are all right. i checked different USB 2.0 Ports but no results.


after than i tryed my laptop Windows8. and also there settings are right and still the mic doesnt work. i get sound from the headset. but the mic isnt working.


is this a common problem with th Corsair vengeance 1500 and does it take long to get it fixed ?

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