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strange noise issue


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I have installed a new H100i at the top of my 330R replacing the 2 stock fans by 2 SP120 quiet fans.

The problem I have is that one of the fan produces a little noise very similar as the blade was touching a cable (a small and very fast click click click). It's not that loud but being seated near by the case I find it annoying....

I have checked and the blades are not obstructed..... strange thing is that if I press slightly the middle of the fan, the noise would stop and the fan reduces speed too...


Does anyone know if this means the inside engine is faulty or is there something I could do... ?


Thank you


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Some of the fans will be noisy when mounted pushing air up. Gravity and the force of moving the air combine to force the blades component in a downward (out of its mounting) direction to the point where the limit of the bearings is reached. This creates a grinding/ticking noise. Better bearings would obviously cure this.
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