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H50 cooling problems


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I just got a new Intel 4790K and I have a Gigabyte Z97x-UD5H mobo. I got the H50 cooling sytem and I don't know if I messed something up or it's not working right. I'm not overclocking anything, running stock. I'm using HWMonitor to check my temps. At idle, it seems normal: about 27-32C. However, I ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool which does a stress test and like a minute into it I saw my temps surge to 85C, at which point I hit stop.


The fans are running at 1400RPM all the time. In my bios I told it to run at full speed. Just in case this wasn't working right, I connected them right into the PSU, same temp results. I have tried with both the fan taking air in and out, same results. It's presently intaking, the way it's supposed to be I believe.


I did remove the thermal paste and applied Arctic Silver 5 instead. I checked the screws and they are tightened as far as they can go.


Do the fan speeds sound normal under load? Do you think I may have seated it improperly? I would imagine if I messed up the seating and paste application that I wouldn't be idling so low.

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Whoah OK so I just did a BIOS update and was able to complete the stress test successfully with it peaking at 67C. I'm not sure if that's still too high though...I'd like to try overclocking my CPU at some point, but it's definitely better than 85.


If I plug the fans directly into the PSU, will they run at max? Also, is 67C a reasonable temp under load or should I be getting lower? If I should be getting lower, I can try re-seating it and re-applying the thermal paste.

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