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SIO Power OK delay fail


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Hi all,


I am new here and have recently started getting an error during POST. I am not sure if it is BIOS setting issue or related to the PSU.


The message pops up intermittently mostly when the PC started from cold.

The message also has press F1 to go into BIOS settings message underneath it.

I have cleared the BIOS using the jumper on the motherboard but the issue is still occurring.


My workstation is around 11 to 12 months old and comprises of the following

Asus Z87 Pro motherboard

Intel i5 4670k Haswell CPU

Radeon HD 6870 GFX Card

2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM

128GB Samsung Pro SSD

1TB Hitachi SATA hard drive

Samsung DVD/RW

Corsair Carbide 330R Case


I will posting this message to the ASUS website as well, in case the issue is related to the motherboard.


Any ideas?


Many thanks

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