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Hello there corsair forum, today i purchased a Corsair H80i liquid cooling system from my local Microcenter, I proceeded to spend a total of 90 minutes going through the incredibly undetailed, and incorrectly informative "Quick Start" guide, over these 90 minutes I met 4 of the lovely(not being sarcastic, they were helpful and nice) people at corsair tech support. Once i booted up, I enabled ASUS TPU, and started on my way! I found corsair link to be a bit simple, but still what is needed to be. I proceeded to update all my programs, and restart the PC, as the mighty beast awoke from it's brief slumber, it quickly turned into a rocket ready to launch, with jet engines so loud and fast, it could break the speed of sound in seconds.



- Is this mega spin at startup Normal?

-Why are the fans so freakin loud?

-Am i doing something wrong?

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