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Move Hard drive tray under DVD bay ?


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I am about to water cool my system, and I am looking at my setup and

realized that in order to put my pump/Res on the back wall, I cant go under

the front DVD tray area as I cant attach the reservoir to the back of

the case back door. In order to move it to the left, I need to reroute

all of my GPU's power cables and then there may be room. I would

also have to move my Hard Drives over the the empty right area, and

was just thinking it would be a lot more easy if I could move my drive

bay underneath the DVD as the other three bays are empty.


Im pretty sure the Sata cables are long enough, but wanted to ask

other 650D owners what they would do in my situation. I would

eventually like to put a 200mm Rad and Fan into the bottom right

side of the case as well.


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