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Looking for 800D hdd bottom rails


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Put in a ticket and see if you can purchase one off them. The 800D is discontinued so finding spare parts may be hard. If you need a part number, the rails are included in the 800D accessory kit CC800D-ACCKIT


They do look similar to the rails Dell uses but whether they work or not, i don't know.



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Thank you David you are Awsome thank you very much got them today :)


Hey man,

I saw your request.


I am looking for the exact same thing, as a matter of fact got two 800D cases and they're both lacking those rails :(


Was wondering whether you got those from Dell when you said you got them, or did you get the original ones from Corsair?

I have now tried to find the same thing and Corsair simply will not provide any more spare parts for 800D.


If you got those from Dell, do they fit into 800D and are usable working replacements for the original ones? If so I would also try and get those, would appreciate a reply if you see this post please :)


Best Regards

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> Was wondering whether you got those from Dell when you said you got them, or did you get the original ones from Corsair?


The set I sent him were originals from Corsair. Unfortunately, I don't have any more:(


P.S. This is a perfect opportunity for Corsair to open-source an SLA file, (or at least bless the creation of one), to allow owners to create replacement parts via 3D printers.

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Oh I see, you sent them to him! Now I got it!


Well recently I even tried to involve an official Corsair helping support guy to try and help me out find a couple of these HDD rails, without any luck at all.

Tried ebay, nothing. No one seems to either have had any use for them so they probably already thrown them out, or have them but are using them...


I bought 2 Corsair 800D brand new from a reseller which later on declared chapter elven. They were both sold to me as brand new, since I initially watercooled them I didn't notice that the whole kit with rails screws fan vibrations dampeners etc were missing out of the box in both of the cases. Now when I decided to air cool and use the lower HDD department for adding new HDDs, I realized I was missing those rails and screws and a bunch of other stuff, and now they can not be found or even bought at Corsair anymore, they officially have stopped supporting 800D alltogehter :(


So I'm lacking 4 of those rails, have no 120mm fan vibration grommets, among other things...I'm sure these cases which were sold to me as new were opened and some stuff must have been taken out of them to be used as spare parts for other cases.


I've tried some other rails but NONE fits the description and none works with 800D. I don't know if those Dell rails would work either.


You wouldn't happen to know anyone else having those who wouldn't need them or something?! I'm desperate to find 2 pairs since I'm lacking them in both my 800D cases...!

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